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Made From Nature, With You In Mind

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About Us & Our Products

A.L.L. Luxury Lotions were created during the Great Hand-Wash-A-Thon of 2020. Our family of essential workers were sanitizing until our poor hands were literally bleeding. Nothing on the shelves could touch the dry, chapped condition of our hands. Then, the stores - much like our hands- ran dry. There were no more lotions to try!

A.L.L.'s Creator hit the internet with a fierceness to find a solution! She came across recipe after recipe for homemade lotions but they were all mostly beeswax. That couldn't be the right answer! After many trials and errors she finally came up with the recipe we know and love today!

Our lotions are made with Shea and cocoa butters, grapeseed oil,  arrowroot powder and just a dash of beeswax. We then add in special blends of all natural essential oils that support the purpose of the ointment. Whether the intention is to support healthy skin, sore parts, or to balance oils on face and hair, we carefully consider and artfully select the appropriate essential oils for the job!

(The FDA does not support plant based claims!!)

No water. No alcohol. No fillers. And absolutely no chemicals!! Ever!

We market the same product we put on our family's babies and gift to our friends. No shortcuts here!!


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